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Construction Workers


What can we do for you?


I have a construction project, can you help me with energy in general?

Yes, the SALS company can study with you a number of possible solutions corresponding to your desiderata.

Sals specializes in general electrical installation as well as in the installation of renewable energies.

What is the RGE qualification?

RGE qualification is a guarantee for customers to obtain a quality installation that respects the environment.
RGE: recognized as guarantor of the environment.

What is an energy supplier?

It is a company authorized to sell energy through a supply contract. All owners of premises who wish to have so-called network, bottled or tank energy have a supply contract with a supplier and therefore must pay energy bills. More information available on or é

What is the document commonly called "consuel"?

This is a document issued by the consual body allowing you to have definitive access to electrical energy after the work has been carried out (construction or major renovation impacting the connection to the public distribution network. electricity).

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